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We're a non-profit funding platform helping families raise money to pay for adoption costs.

AdoptTogether is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for adoption.
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A few of our families raising money

John & Tanisia Hoye

Texas, adopting from the U.S.
Raised $27,000 of $27,000 goal

Jennifer Sidley

Virginia, adopting from China
Raised $2,598 of $4,000 goal

Jennifer & Mitchell Klein

Minnesota, adopting from the U.S.
Raised $8,348 of $23,000 goal

adam & shay potter

South Carolina, adopting from Uganda
Raised $25,154 of $30,000 goal

Edwin & Robin Ann Fabros

California, adopting from Philippines
Raised $23,381 of $30,000 goal

Tom & Heather Bress

Maryland, adopting from Colombia
Raised $8,270 of $15,000 goal